The yellow flash of konoha
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Hello visitor! welcome to my blog, my name is marcelo, i have 18 years and i'm born and raised in brazil, am addicted to anime as you can see, feel free to ask me anything you want. This blog is totally multi-fandom except with more content of naruto feel free to use and abuse it. You will always be welcome here, check back often. { }


Cutie Hinata (●♡∀♡)

Hyūga Hinata requested by Yessie  (≧◡≦)

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Okay, I’m an idiot for making a follow forever a month after my previous one, but reaching 1.5k really shocked me. Honestly, I don’t even deserve a tenth of you amazing people. Seriously, thanks a lot, you’re all precious. c’:

Everyone included (and probably even more users; unfortunately, I always forget to mention someone) in this follow forever, though, is a really great person and I always enjoy seeing them on my dashboard. 

As always, sorry for misspelling any urls and the trashy graphic.

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"I want to be a penguin keeper, or a treasure hunter! It might be cool to be a diver, too!"

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orangehokage22 said: You can watch them online!! I know it sucks but it’s what I have to do. isn’t all that bad.

Yes! But that’s not the problem. Do I do editions and now I have to downloadeverything again. :/

My sister delete all naruto episodes from my pc :’(

Sasori dedicated to yagurra

Thank you for always helping me this is so nice from you <3

The two sides of Mirajane Strauss

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"It’s kind of sudden, but here is tomorrow’s weather forecast. Tokyo will be enveloped by darkness after 3 p.m. Large sparks will fly, scattered around the Shinjuku area. Use caution when leaving the house. Well then, everyone, have a nice day!

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